Spring Flowers – 3rd Class 2018

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Third Class planted spring bulbs on 14th November 2017 A

Spring Flowers

Third Class planted spring bulbs on 14th November 2017. The children planted daffodil, tulip, hyacinth and crocus bulbs in a small wooden frame at the front of the school. Each child received a daffodil bulb to bring home.

The children were delighted to see the new shoots appearing in early February. The daffodils and crocuses flowered first in March. All the bulbs had bloomed by April. The children noticed that the crocuses were very delicate and wilted quickly but there was unseasonably cold weather in February due to the snow.

Some daffodils were picked and the children looked at them. They smelt and took them apart to see what was inside. The children really liked the smell of the flowers particularly the hyacinth.

The children did a detailed study of the different parts of the flowers and drew pictures of what they saw.

They also investigated how light, heat, water and the soil affects plants. The children noticed that the daffodils at the rear of the school came into bloom later than the ones they had planted at the front of the school. This was due, they reckoned, to the amount of sunlight and the moisture of the soil.

The children wrote reports on the planting of the bulbs. They also typed up the class report on a laptop.

Third Class really enjoyed the experience of planting bulbs. Everybody can now enjoy the Third Class Flower Display. These plants are perennial and will come up next year. We will enjoy the blooms for years to come.

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