Literacy Lift Off

Please click on link below to view information regarding our new literacy initiative.


Our Stations – Activity work as follows:

Station 1 – Word Work
They use magnetic letters on the whiteboard to make and break words.
Purpose: To show children how words work, so that they can make a fast visual analysis of their reading.

LL10       LL3

Station 2 – Writing
Pupils write sentences based on their own experiences, using words that they encounter in their readers.
Purpose: That they will learn how they can write their own messages by hearing and recording sounds in words, using analogy and learning unusual words.


LL8   LL4

Station 3 – New Reading
Encountering new texts each day challenges the pupils to discover new ways to go beyond their current operating ability and lift their literacy processing.
Purpose: Pupils learn to use strategic activities to read new texts.


Station 4 – Familiar Reading
Pupils read previously seen PM+ Readers.

Purpose: Development of enjoyment, fluency, comprehension and speed.

LL6  LL1

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