Cross Country St Anne’s Park 2017

On Tuesday 5th December our 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils participated in St Anne’s Park Cross Country race. Each team consisted of ten boys from each class. We left the school at 10.00am with Mr Collins and Ms Judge. We were all nervous on the bus. When we arrived we changed and our 4th class warmed up for their 400m race. The boys did very well and all came in the top 25. Then our 5th class warmed up for their 800m race. The boys did exceptionally well, with Cian winning the race and Liam coming 2nd, Cathal coming 4th and the rest of the team came in the top 15 out of 150 participants.

Then our 6th class team warmed up for their 800m race. Jack won the race with Ben coming 4th and David coming 5th. The team all came in the top 25 out of 150 participants. Star of the Sea won the overall best school and received a trophy. It was a great day and a brilliant experience. A huge thank you to Mr Collins, Ms McCarthy and Ms Judge for all their time and support in training us from the start of the year.

Jack Flanagan

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